Website Rules

We define "USER" as a person who has registered an account with imgur AustNode Photo Sharing, where name and other contact details are listed. Our definition of "Guest" is a person who uploads content without any information of whom the uploader is.

Imgur AustNode Photo Sharing has no rights on any user uploaded content. Image belongs to the user who uploads it. imgur AustNode Photo Sharing does not delete user uploaded images if they compile with our rules. We are a free service for everyone on the AustNode (Internet Relay Chat) Network

When a USER uploads images under the category "NSFW" the images should be marked as private and flagged as unsafe. We do not want these images on display (explorer). You should create an private album for these pictures. Anyone with the link can access these pictures. Imgur AustNode Photo Sharing may have the right to do the following if you don't; edit these images in albums, for better logic. Images that contain any of the following is prohibited for public view & guest upload

§01 Sensitive data

§02 Pornographic content

§03 Racist content

§04 Copyrighted material

§05 Dangerous content

Images is logged by IP for security reasons.

When any of the rules above are broken the image will be deleted and the author's IP will become permanently blocked by staff.

Feel free to visit us on or (SSL) channel #AustNode